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Many LPN to RN Programs across the States, but Final Product is Similar

Whether a nurse wishes to advance her status and wages by attending school on campus or through the Internet, LPN to RN programs are available in every state and the waiting list rarely is long. That’s because, simply stated, the U.S. population is getting proportionally older every year and the demand for additional nurses will continue to grow.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics already has released information stating, because Baby Boomers are moving into retirement years and modern health is keeping people alive longer, that the need for health care workers will increase by 18 percent in the next seven years.

LPN to RN Programs Online and Offline for Different States

And leading the pack of nurses in demand are skilled RNs, especially in populated areas like New York where LPN to RN programs in ny and programs producing even higher-level nurses already are falling short of demand. Much like an rn to bsn online program, there are many programs online where you can take lpn to rn classes.

Although many hospitals, including in New York, reduced staff and froze hiring in the 2009-2010 economic downturn, nearly 80 percent of all hospitals in that populous state say they anticipate hiring more nurses, especially RNs, in the immediate future. That is significant for the job market because the state of New York ranks third in the nation for its employment of RNs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says New York now employs nearly 170,000 RNs for an annual salary in the vicinity of $74,000.

Samples of the many on-campus schools in New York state that are anxious to sign on new nursing students include Nazareth College, in Rochester; Long Island College Hospital, in Brooklyn; Dorothea Hopfer School of Nursing, in Mt. Vernon; and Crouse Hospital, in Syracuse.

The need to both bring in new nursing students and upgrade the skills of current nurses in other states is equally important. For instance, in Florida, which has a history of paying its nurses well, there are at least 26 campuses trying to encourage individuals to become nurses or possibly enroll in LPN to RN programs in Florida what would make those nurses more valuable to their employers and provide higher wages for those who successfully complete the courses.

There’s certainly not space here to list all 26 of them, but schools in Florida with solid nursing programs include Barry University, in Miami Shores; College of Central Florida, Citrus Campus, in Lecanto; Hillsborough Community College, in Plant City/Tampa; and Mercy Hospital, in Miami which promotes an LPN to RN Associate of Science degree program.

Basically, the cries both for more nursing students and the cries for additional nurses to return to school and increase their level of competency are just as loud in New Jersey. In spite of the strong trend of many students turning their backs on traditional higher education and obtaining their education over the Internet, there remain more than 40 schools in New Jersey thriving on the opportunity to instruct students in person.

Just a few names thrown in the mix of schools in New Jersey that provide LPN to RN programs in nj might include the Helene Fuld College of Nursing, in Blackwood; Holy Name Medical Center, in Teaneck; Mercer County Community College, in West Windsor; and Trinitas Regional Medical Center, in Elizabeth.

No State Restrictions Required When You Take LPN to RN Programs Online

Because the Internet has such a long reach and is so all-inclusive, LPN to RN Online Programs might appear to be much easier to accomplish than they are. Many people lack the discipline to be a true online student. Because online students might have no established times to perform their studies and work comes in the same volumes as it does for classroom students, those who elect to take their studies over the Internet must be able to stay abreast of their assigned work.

Still, the advantages of studying online can be many. Of course there’s the obvious one that you have no classes to attend, but there other perks as well. For instance, unlike on-campus registration where students often have to stand in long lines and hope a desired clad will remain open until they get to the front of the line, waiting is eliminated when a student registers online. Online students might only have to pay one/half the tuition of students on campus and have the luxury of studying in their own home at their own pace.

Things an online student always should be careful of include taking the time to ascertain for certain that the classes he or she is taking are fully accredited. And, because there often are subtle differences in the classes one takes at one school and those taken at another, it’s critical to know all the variables you will be facing in the series of classes you sign up to take.

There is more than one way to transition from an LPN to RN and you must explore what options are available and select the path best suited for you before you begin a course.

Whether you take your LPN to RN programs on a college campus or online, by studying and working hard there’s no reason for not becoming a well-trained, well-paid RN.

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